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How Mindfulness is Changing Law Enforcement. By Jill Suttie. University of California, Berkeley: Greater Good, May 2016. Read more»

Mindfulness Meditation and Your Health. By Kathleen Doheny. Diabetic Lifestyle, April 2016. Read more»

Can You Meditate Your Way to Better Health? By Mary Brophy Marcus. CBS News, March 2016: A recent CBS news roundup of mindfulness research quoted MARC. Read more»

Can Mindfulness Meditation offer Drug-Free Pain Relief? By Mary Brophy Marcus. CBS News, March 2016. Read more»

Colleges Turn to Meditation to Help You Destress. By Greta Bjornson. USA Today: College, March 2016. Read more»

Simple Strategies to Improve Memory and Brain Health. By Meg Sibal, MD. Filipino Reporter: Editorials, March 2016. Read more»

Take a Minute, Breathe Deep, and Put Your Anxiety on Hold. By Dr. Leena Shankar Nathan. The Acorn: Health and Wellness, February 2016. Read more»

Too Scared to Sleep? What Can You Do? By David Cunnington. Huffington Post: Sleep and Wellness, January 2016. Read more»


26 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Winter. By Lila Battis. Today: Health and Wellness, November 2015. Read more»

Mindfulness in the Classroom: A How-To Guide. By Linda Yaron. Education Week, November 2015. Read More»

Defeating my Anxiety. By JJ Cowles. The New York Times, November 2015. Read more»

Exploring the Promise of Mindfulness as Medicine.  By Laura Bucholz. The Journal of the American Medical Association, October 2015. Read more»

4.7 million NIH grant to fund Mindfulness Research. By Julia Choi. The Brown Daily Herald, September 2015. Read more»

How Not to Fip your Lid over College Applicatinos. By Brennan Barnard. The Washington Post, August 2015. Read more»

The Power of Mindful Leadership. By Bill George. The Huffington Post, July 2015. Read more»

Try A Body Scan Before Sleep: 12 Ways to Meditate. Mens' Journal, June 2015. Read more»

Interview: Jessica Alba's Secrets. Shape Magazine, May 2015. Read more»

UCLA Offering Free weekly Meditation. By David Mark Simpson. Santa Monica Daily Press, March 2015. Read more»

25 Minutes of Silence in the City of Angels. By Jon Hanc. New York Times, March 2015. Read more»

6 tricks to a quick surgical recovery. Consumer Reports, March 2015. Read more»

Trouble sleeping? UCLA researchers say meditation might help. By Adrian Florido. 89.3 KPCC, February 2015. Read more»

Can Meditation Keep your Brain Youthful? By Denise Dador. ABC7 Eye Witness News, February 2015. Read more»

World 3.0: Meditation Promotes Health and Happiness. By Bianna Golodryga. Yahoo News, January 2015. Read more»

4 Helpful Meditation Apps. Washingtonian, December 2014. Read more»


Burnt Out? The Busy Girl's Guide To Meditation, by Meirav Devash (Allure, 2014) Read more»

9 Field-Tested Strategies to Reduce Stress, by Erin Beresini (Outside Magazine, October 15, 2014) Read more»

5 Ways to Make Your Life Less Stressful (Cosmopolitan, September 28, 2014) Read more»

'Time-Outs' Are Hurting Your Child, by Daniel J. Siegel M.D and Tina Payne Bryson Ph.D. (Time Magazine, September 23, 2014) Read more»

Coping with anxiety: Newsmen share strategies, including Meditation, by Mary MacVean (Los Agneles Times, September 19, 2014) Read more»

Sound Check: A Study of L.A. Noise Pollution, by David Hochman (Los Angeles Magazine, August 2014) Read more»

Goop mag #15, by Gwyneth Paltrow (Goop Magazine, May 2014) Read more»

Don't Stress, Live a Little, by Dan Gordon (UCLA Magazine, January 2014) Read more»

Mindfulness and ADHD with Diana Winston - an interview in Spanish, by Juan Sangusa (Deficit Atencional Del Adulto, January 2014) Read more»

Daniel Siegel: "Brainstorm: The Power And Purpose Of The Teenage Brain, by Diane Rehm (National Pubic Radio, January 2014) Read more»

Meditation can help with anxiety, pain, depression, study says, by Mary MacVean (Los Angeles Times, January 2014) Read more»


Study: Living with purpose equals better health, by Denise Dador (ABC 7 News, August 2013) Read more»

Music as Meditation heals, connects, by Ileana Najarro, (Santa Monica Daily Press, July 2013) Read more»

Mindfulness meditation: It may be essential, but, boy, it isn't easy, by Mary MacVean (Los Angeles Times, March 2013) Read more»

Practicing Mindful Leadership, by Erika Tierney Garms (American Society for Training & Development, March 2013) Read more»

Don't Overthink It, by Ben Kallen (Los Angeles Magazine, March 2013) Read more»

Mindfulness in Action: Kari Mozena vs. Her Wandering Mind, by Kari Mozena (Los Angeles Magazine, March 2013) Read more»

Emergency Stress Relief- Relief Tension at Work, by Kim Tranell (Oprah.com, February 2013) Read more»

How to find that mind-body balance, and keep it, by Hillary MacGregor (Los Angeles Times, January 2013) Read more»


Have a happy, greed-free holiday, by Diana Winston (Mindful.org, December 2012) Read more»

Stressed out? 5 ways the internet can help, by Deborah Netburn (Sydney Morning Herald, November 2012) Read more» 

Drop-in Meditation sessions becoming popular in L.A. (Mindful.org, October 2012) Read more»

Drop-in Meditation Sessions Help Bring Awareness and Release Stress, by Mary MacVean (Los Angeles Times, September 2012) Read more » 

Cover Story: UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, by Tiffani Quach and Linda Ho (UCLA Employee Newsletter, September 2012)  Read more »  

Live in the moment with Mindful Meditation, by Stephanie Carey (Daily News, August 2012) Read more »

Mindfulness meditation is shown to reduce loneliness in elderly in a recent study, by Carnegie Mellon University and UCLA scientists (Carnegie Mellon University Press, July 2012) Read more » 

East Meets West in UCLA Medicine, by Scott Fields (UCLA Magazine, July 2012) Read more »


Busy is measured in Units of Shatner, by William Shatner and Chris Regan (Shatner Rules: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large. Penguin Group. 2011) Read more »

10 Questions: Diana Winston on having a happy, greed-free holiday, by Judy Lin (UCLA Daily Bruin, December 2011) Read more »

C Space helps UCLA Medical Center Employees Calm the Mind, Refocus by Katherine Tam (UC Newsroom, November 2011) Read more »

Event: Mindful Awareness: Ancient Practice, Modern Science, (Women & Philanthropy, November 2011) Read more »

A Scientist's Journey: Becoming Mindful in Midlife by Aimee Liu (SecondAct.com, October 2011) Read more »

Mindful Awareness Research Center Event Explores Neuroscience Behind Creativity Through Meditation, Song by James Barragan and Lauren Jow, (UCLA Daily Bruin, June 2011) Read more »

Scientific Studies Suggest that Mindfulness Can Be Beneficial to Well-Being by Sandy Bui (UCLA Daily Bruin, May 2011) Read more »

Meditation Practices in the Wake of Tragedy by Diana Winston, (Mindful.org, March 2011) Read more »

Suffering Is Optional by Dr. Sue Smalley and Diana Winston (Mindful.org, January 2011) Read more »



UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center Provides Classes on How to Relax by Laura Moeini  (UCLA Daily Bruin, September 2010) Read more »

Saying Yes to An Open Heart by Diana Winston (Buddhadharma: The Practitioner's Quarterly, May 2010) Read more »

Creating Community in LA: Neighborhood Meditation Groups by Michael Sigman (The Huffington Post, Feb 2010) Read more »



Meditating on the Possibilities: Dr. Sue Smalley by Samantha Dunn (Los Angeles Times Magazine, October 2009) Read more »

Former Buddhist Nun Helps Stressed-Out Find Inner Peace By Cynthia Lee (UCLA Today, August 2009) Read more »

What Inspired A Scientist To Open A Meditation Center At UCLA? by Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald (The Huffington Post, July 15, 2009) Read more »

'Mindfulness' Meditation Being Used in Hospitals and Schools by Marilyn Elias (USA TODAY, June 2009Read more »

Three Steps to a Healthier You  by Erin Courtenay (EverydayHealth.com, Janaury 2009) Read more »



Mind over Matters Through Meditation by Catherine Guthrie (O, The Oprah Magazine, December 2008) Read more »

New Therapy May Help Victims of Anxiety by Seda Terzyan (UCLA Daily Bruin, October 2008) Read more »

Study Shows Meditation Helps Immune Sysytem by Seda Terzyan (UCLA Daily Bruin, August 2008) Read more »

Attention Class by Maggie Jackson (The Boston Globe, June 29, 2008) Read more »

Take a Deep Breath by Jaime Joyce (TIME for Kids, March 7, 2008) 


Mindfulness Meditation Training in Adults and Adolescents With ADHD: A Feasibility Study (Journal of Attention Disorders [PubMed], November 19, 2007)  Read more »

ADHD Kids Can Get Better by Krista Mahr (TIME, Nov 12, 2007) Read more »

Calm Inc by Diana Winston (UCLA Magazine, July 2007)

In the Classroom: A New focus on Quieting the Mind by Patricia Leigh Brown (New York Times, June 16, 2007)

Book Review of the Mindful Brain by Dr. Siegel (Scientific American, June/July 2007)

An Interview with Dr. Susan Smalley, Founder and Director of MARC (Smart Business Los Angeles, May 2007) Read more »

2006 and later

Newsmaker: Lidia Zylowska (ADDitude Magazine, August 09, 2006) Read more »

Learning Awareness, Balance, Compassion and Clarity in the Classroom: The New ABCs (AscentMagazine, Winter 2005) Read more »

Is it in the Mind? by Ajay Singh (UCLA Magazine, 2004) Read more »



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