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UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center


Multi-Day Retreats


Facilitators Retreat
(June 20-26)

Weekend Retreat (July 8-10)

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Mindfulness Facilitators Retreat
with Mark Coleman & Diana Winston


Cosponsored by UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center, this retreat is for those who are currently facilitating or plan to be facilitating mindfulness, or for clinicians using mindfulness in therapeutic interventions. For those who currently facilitate or plan to facilitate mindfulness, this unique retreat will offer an experiential understanding of mindfulness practice through retreat format as well as tools, exploration, guidance and support around facilitation. On this retreat you will: deepen your understanding of mindfulness meditation in an intensive retreat format; refine your capacity to facilitate mindfulness meditation and its related disciplines; study issues and themes relevant to facilitation such as diversity presence and embodiment; understand latest scientific research on mindfulness and its efficacy; and enjoy a rich community of like-minded mindfulness practitioners and facilitators. During this mostly silent Insight Meditation retreat, we will contextualize contemporary mindfulness approaches within the Buddhist tradition.

The teachers will be assisted on this retreat by Sara Schedler.

Teachings are appropriate for all, including health care professionals. Continuing Education (CE) credit available.

Prerequisite: one 5-day or longer silent mindfulness retreat.

NOTE: This retreat is for those who are currently facilitating or plan to be facilitating mindfulness, or for clinicians using mindfulness in therapeutic interventions. Cosponsored by UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center.

All Young Adult Rates for this retreat have been allocated. If you are a young adult in need of financial assistance, you can choose the scholarship fund option.




Instructors Cost  

June 20-26, 2016

 Spirit Rock Meditation Center
5000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Woodacre, west Marin.

Mark Coleman & Diana Winston

$1500 to $750
 Sliding scale






Mindful Awareness Weekend Retreat (July 8-10)

Join us for a weekend to practice mindfulness meditation in a beautiful natural setting near Santa Barbara. We will spend the weekend in sitting and walking meditation, with ongoing guidance, lecture and instruction from the teachers. We will also have an opportunity to practice cultivating positive emotions, mindful speaking and listening, mindful eating, and experience the depth of stillness that can come through an extended period of practice. This retreat will give special emphasis to embodied mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness has scientific support as a means to reduce stress, improve attention, boost the immune system, reduce emotional reactivity, and promote a general sense of well-being.

The silent retreat will begin at 4pm on Friday afternoon and concludes after lunch on Sunday. Meals include supper on Friday; breakfast, lunch and supper on Saturday; breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

Please bring a meditation cushion or bench if you have one available.

This silent retreat will be suitable for beginning or experienced students.

 Registration process (Deadline: Monday, June 20):

1. Register online early. Space is limited. Please make a payment with the yellow "Register" button below.
2. Complete the Retreatant Form below and return it to marcinfo@ucla.edu  




Instructors Single Room
Double Room

July 8-10, 

La Casa de Maria
800 El Bosque Road
Santa Barbara, CA.
Marvin G. Belzer, PhD, Diana Winston, and Matthew Brensilver, PhD




Retreatant Form

 *Commuters will be able to attend the retreat (class and meals) but will need to find accommodations off site.

Financial Aid Applicants (Deadline: Monday, June 20):

1. Pre-register online early to be considered for limited financial aid. Make a $50 refundable deposit. To make a deposit, visit this link»
2. Complete the Financial Air Form and return it to marcinfo@ucla.edu. To access the form, visit this link»
3. Financial Aid applicants will be notified of results by Thursday June 23.




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